Tejas Takes a Tumble: India's Flying Folly Continues

Tejas Takes a Tumble: India's Flying Folly Continues

Ah, the LCA Tejas – India's very own flying calamity, a spectacle of disappointment that never fails to amuse and bemuse in equal measure. As an Indian patriot, it pains me to admit that our much-touted indigenous aircraft is more proficient at missing targets than a blindfolded archer in a hurricane. Let's take a journey through time and witness the saga of Tejas' misadventures, where each failure is marked with the precision of a missed missile.


Cast your mind back to the not-so-distant past, to the illustrious occasion of Vayu Shakti 2024. As the nation held its breath, Tejas, true to form, decided to grace the skies with its signature blend of ineptitude. While the Rafale soared gracefully, effortlessly dispatching its target with the precision of a surgeon, Tejas opted for a more avant-garde approach – missing its mark with such flair that one could almost mistake it for intentional performance art. Bravo, Tejas, bravo!


But let us not dwell solely on this recent escapade; no, the saga of Tejas' failures is a rich tapestry woven with threads of disappointment. Cast your mind back to 2019, when Tejas decided to celebrate Indian Air Force Day in style – by missing a target so egregiously that even the most forgiving observer couldn't help but chuckle. Oh, the irony of commemorating our air force's prowess while our homegrown darling floundered in the skies like a confused pigeon!


And who could forget the infamous episode of Iron Fist 2016, where Tejas, in a display of breathtaking audacity, managed to miss not one, not two, but three separate targets? It was a veritable trifecta of failure, a hat-trick of incompetence that left spectators scratching their heads in disbelief. One can only imagine the look on the faces of our esteemed guests as Tejas performed its aerial dance of shame – a true masterclass in embarrassment.


Now, in a recent incident that seems to epitomize Tejas' slapstick saga, the aircraft has added another feather to its cap by crash-landing in the desert expanse of Rajasthan. It's almost as if Tejas is determined to turn its mishaps into a full-fledged comedy routine, complete with pratfalls and punchlines.


But amidst the laughter and the ridicule, there lies a deeper truth – a truth that speaks to the heart of India's quest for self-reliance. For all its faults and foibles, Tejas is a symbol of our nation's ambition, a testament to our determination to carve out a place for ourselves on the global stage. But ambition without competence is like a bird without wings – it may soar briefly, but ultimately it is doomed to fall.


So, my fellow Indians, let us not shy away from the harsh reality of Tejas' failures. Let us embrace them, laugh at them, and learn from them. For in the comedy of errors that is LCA Tejas, there lies a lesson for us all – a lesson in humility, in perseverance, and in the enduring spirit of our nation. And who knows? Perhaps one day, amidst the laughter and the tears, Tejas will finally spread its wings and soar – not as a punchline, but as a proud symbol of Indian ingenuity and resolve. Until then, let the show go on!

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